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Why You Need A Branded Photoshoot?

Everything, you are, say, and do represents your brand.

Let's talk about your Brand! It's more than a logo, product or service. Branding is also about keeping continuity in your Brand. As a professional, your visuals are a key component of making a good impression. Whether your potential client is scrolling on Instagram or, if they are viewing your website, they will most likely be drawn to or impressed by what they see that catches their eye visually. Much Like a 1st date or an interview. We should show up obviously clean, wrinkle-free, smell good, be on time, and have good energy etc. These are all positive characteristics that make a good first impression, and as a brand you should want to leave a long lasting positive impression on your audience. As a Personal Brand or CEO the importance of your image when it comes to your brand matters, whether you're the face of your personal brand or you're the boss behind the scenes. You will eventually have to showcase yourself. For example when it comes to headshots, I can’t tell you how many people I have worked with that do not have updated branded photos to represent themselves and/or their product. At times the photos are not current and outdated. You would be even more shocked at how many people there are that have never even had a professional photoshoot. Which brings me to Branded Photoshoots.

What is a Branded Photoshoot?

Branded photoshoots are an opportunity to tell your brands’ story imagery through headshots, lifestyle imagery, product photo, and more. It's an intentional photoshoot that you can use the images on your website, social media platforms, as stock photos, marketing materials and more.. Choosing a backdrop to suit your aesthetic is contingent upon what location your shoot will be held at. This can be a photoshoot in a studio or on location using your office, home, rental, or co-working space to create a stage a styled shoot. Incorporating props are also a way to bring authentic elements of your brand to life in the photos. You’ll work closely with your photographer to coordinate a photoshoot around the details of your brand. Next is creating a moodboard for your branded photoshoot

Let’s get in the mood!

Ideally you should already have a moodboard for your brand's identity. A brand moodboard is a reference that outlines all of the visual details that make up your brand's aesthetic. So for your Branded photoshoot a mood board also serves as a reference of inspiration for your shoot. Moodboards allow both you and the photographer to know what ideas you want to execute at the time of your shoot. Such as certain specific poses, outfits, hair or makeup inspo, and use of props etc. You can start creating your mood board for your branded photo shoot by using Pinterest to collect inspiration photos. I also use Canva to create my own moodboards. Create a moodboard that reflects your brand and use it to plan your shoot.

Get your OOTD's ready! (Outfits of the day)

Now it's time to finalize your wardrobe, hair and makeup. Having this in place prior to is all essential to having a successful shoot. Your Personal Style is an additional factor to your Branded photoshoot. Learn more about how to brand your personal a boss! The color scheme will most like be based on your brand colors for wardrobe looks will allow the cohesiveness of your pictures. Staying on brand for your styled shoot is significant to getting the most desired outcome from your photos. This will allow you to stretch how many ways that you are able to utilize your branded photo content. Ultimately here are the key points for your styled shoot:

  • Create a Moodboard

  • Hire a Photographer

  • Choose a location

  • Select Wardrobe of about 2 -3 outfits

  • Decide on Hair & Makeup

  • Pick out props

  • Schedule your photoshoot

This is all that you need to coordinate your photo shoot. Plan and prepare in advance to make sure that you are not disheveled during your shoot. In case you are not quite comfortable in front of the camera. Remember that you are not there to be an overnight professional model. You are there to just have fun with it! Good luck to you at your next branded shoot.

If you are struggling with creating your mood board, if you want to update your brands identity, would like to learn more about how to prepare for a branded shoot, or if you are interested in how to book a branded photoshoot with me, click here to get started!

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