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Why you should brand your personal style like a boss?

Updated: May 8, 2023


- Rachel Zoe

As an entrepreneur and business owner you have an established brand identity, your business cards are printed, your website is live, and other marketing materials you can have created to showcase your brand! But, do you also incorporate your personal style into your brand persona?

These days, most people are their brand, especially as an entrepreneur. Being a business owner, it can both be very chic, and clever to infuse your brand into your personal style. Shouldn't your brand align with who you are?

I'm sure that you have seen someone you know or, a celebrity with a signature look? That no matter where they go, what they do, there is a style detail that is specific to them. Beyonce's blonde hair, Janelle Monet's black & white color code, Adel's Cat eye, and Ariana Grande's high ponytail are all an example of how having a signature look that becomes apart of your brand.


Ultimately, we want to represent our brand. The first thing people see is our appearance. Especially, in the current days where ZOOM, SYPE WEBINARS, YOUTUBE, IG, AND FB LIVES are the go-to platforms. Appearing on-brand helps a lot. Throwing on grubbies for virtual meetings will not work! If you dress well for a job interview to meet the company's expectations, do the same for your brand.

We have all heard the term, "Dress for Success". Dressing for success can be as simple as being a hairstylist with your hair freshly done, an esthetician with flawless skin, an accessory maker wearing their pieces, or a fashion stylist with an impeccable outfit on. Even down to wrinkles pressed, and getting tailored, you are a walking advertisement for your brand. Looking the part will ideally build trust in what you do.

Very structured attire in business such as suits, buttons ups, and only muted colors is not a thing of the past. But, it is definitely not as required as much in most pro-work environments. Business chic is now a typical go-to. and accepted in most settings. Pops of color and prints are not so risque. So it's easier now to integrate elements of your own personal style.

When your brand's aesthetic is reflected consistently, it helps to establish a recognizable brand. The most popular brands can be identified by their logo, tag lines, and colors. Colors reflect your brand's social, psychological, and emotional character. Utilize these components to build into personalizing your look.

Creating capsule wardrobes is a great way to infuse your brand into your personal style. This allows you to integrate the colors of your brand by using pops of the colors of your brand aesthetic. On top of keeping key looks based on your lifestyle and your business.

Remember these tips going forward when you're thinking about what 2 wear the next time that you are getting ready for a meeting, an event, or a photoshoot.

I'd love to hear how you currently showcase your brand in your style. If these tips are helpful, Let me know how you level up your look into dressing up like a boss.!

Have you considered branding your personal style? If you are interested in learning how to define your personal style to match your brand identity. Get a customized Personal Style Archetype & Brand Identity.

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